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Towing Damage: Can it happen?

When you search for Towing Near Me keep in mind that towing, while it isn’t the most difficult of tasks, you should always use a professional towing service like the Rambling Wrecker in Charlottesville Virginia. Doing this will definitely reduce most any possible risk and potential bad outcomes.

True professionals understand that their towing services can sometimes put quite a strain on your car, its transmission and the engine, so it is in your best interest that you are aware of what measures you can take as a driver to prevent negative outcomes.

The usual question is: can towing damage a car?

The short answer is that yes, it could. The damage could mostly happen to the drive train and its transmission. So for example, if the towing were to happen on the road and the transmission of the car wasn’t in neutral, it may end up damaging the transmission (both manual and automatic), tires, linkages and even the engine.

Professional roadside assistance companies will have the most experienced and trained mechanics who will be able to know how to proceed in any of these situations, but it is still in your best interest to learn a bit about it just to be sure. Here are some tips on how to prevent damage by tow trucking:

First, make sure you follow the instructions of your tow truck operator. Then, make sure your transmission is in neutral and check the parking brake: keeping the gear in neutral and not having the parking brake on is crucial to prevent damage. This is something that the towing service will do once they arrive. If the wheels on the vehicle aren’t in neutral, they won’t be able to turn therefore, the car will be dragged along the road and this is what could cause the before-mentioned damage to the transmission, linkage and tires.

In the case of a four-wheel vehicle: what is usually suggested in these cases is that the rear driveshaft is temporarily removed from the vehicle and that the rear wheels are those on the ground.

You should keep your vehicle’s owner manual at hand: new and improved versions of cars may catch some mechanics off guard regardless of how knowledgeable they may be, they may be instances where they would benefit from taking a look at the manual to make sure they’re using the right procedure to tow your car with no damage.

Remain calm: It is key that you wait calmly for the help to arrive, attempting to drive the car away from the site of the accident or breakdown is very risky and can result in great damage not to mention that is it very unsafe as well.

That last point leads us to the following advice tips: what to do while you wait for help to arrive. Remember that waiting for a tow service won’t necessarily mean you’re absolved of your traffic duties, here are some tips to prepare safely for their arrival:

Turn on the hazard lights: these are located near the steering column or on the dashboard. The purpose of turning them on is to assure that other drivers can see you, especially at night.

Move to the side: your vehicle needs to be as far away from the active traffic as possible, this is a way to keep you clear from the other vehicles and make you easy to find by the tow service.

Get the name and license plate from the tow truck driver: Since they may be a lot of towing services nearby, knowing who is exactly the tow truck driver who is coming to your aid is a good way to verify you’re being assisted by the right person from the right company.

Place triangles and flares behind your vehicle: This is your duty since that is the way you warn other traffic participants about your situation. You should place them at a ten feet distance from the car and the other at about 30 feet, so that other vehicles have enough time to steer away from you.

Collect your stuff: Make sure you get all of the things you will need from your car. Your phone, keys and wallet are just some of them.

Be cautious: While waiting for the tow truck some other drivers may generously offer to help, however, it is best to avoid letting strangers into your vehicle.

When it comes to roadside assistance, the best you can do is to leave it to pros and that would be us here at Rambling-Wrecker Charlottesville. Need a tow? If you have further questions at or we can help in any way, please call on the Rambling Wrecker – Charlottesville at 434-230-9555. Located in downtown Charlottesville Va at 531 E. Main St Unit #1663. Charlottesville VA 22902.

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