Standing of the Central Committee

The Permanent Secretariat of the PAIGC Central Committee is the Party’s day-to-day administrative management structure. It is headed by a Permanent Secretary, elected from among the members of the Central Committee.

The Permanent Secretariat is made up of 6 Departments, which in turn consist of several Sections. Each Department has a Coordinator, a National Secretary and Heads of Section.

The Permanent Secretary of PAIGC is Dr. Augusto Olivais (click here to access his biography).

1. Department of Organization and Control

Daniel Gomes – Coordinator
Galona Mané – National Secretary
Abel da Silva Gomes – Studies, Planning, Statistics and Census Section
Mário Dias Sami – Organization Section Dynamization and Evaluation of Structures.

2. Department of Administration and Finance

Ansumane Mané – Coordinator
Mamadú Mama Sissé – National Secretary
Adiato Djaló Nandigna – Economic Activity Promotion Section
João de Carvalho – Administration, Finance and Heritage Section.

3. Department of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Luís Oliveira Sanca – Coordinator
Rui Araújo – National Secretary
Seco Intchassó – Section for Foreign Affairs and Party Dynamization in the Diaspora
António Inácio Correia – Public Relations and Inter-Party Section.


4. Department of Socio-Political Organizations


Isabel Buscardini – Coordinator
Dinis Cabelol At Fantchamna – National Secretary
Fátima Fati – Mass Organizations Section
Teodora Inácia Gomes – Section for Social Affairs and Freedom Fighters
Ali Hijazi – Sports, Culture and Recreation Section.

5. Department of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance

Aladje Malam Mané – Coordinator
João Seidi Bá Sané – National Secretary
Arafã Mané – Governance, Administration and Local Government Affairs Section
Vera Cruz Cabral – Legal, Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Section.

6. Department of Ideological Information and Action

Antónia Mendes Teixeira – Coordinator
Gustavo Na Honta – National Secretary
Ernesto Dabó – Ideological Training and Action Section
Respício M. Silva Nuno – Information and Advertising Section
Besna Na Fonta – Director of the National Party School
Maria Rosária Cruz de Almeida – Director of the Documentation and Library Center.


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