The PAIGC, founded by Amílcar CABRAL, part of the vast liberating movement that revolutionized our continent in the 1950s and 1960s, set as its fundamental objective the achievement of National Independence and the construction of progress, social welfare and continuous peace for the Peoples of Africa. Guinea and Cape Verde.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Party has succeeded in bringing together all the social strata of Guinea and Cape Verde for the struggle for national liberation under the principle of “Unity and Struggle”, aiming essentially at:

Thus, the present PROGRAM of the Party, considering the political and economic conjuncture of the country with realism and critical spirit, defines the basis on which our process of social transformation must pass, in accordance with the basic principles defined since our glorious liberation struggle. National.

The democratic framework established by PAIGC, which allowed for the existence of a multi-party political system, led to the strengthening of the democratic process, the affirmation and valorisation of different political ideas and options and ensured the participation of all in the exercise of political rights, as an essential condition for the progress of democracy.
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