The Challenges African States Faced at Independence

Africa has to face some of the most pressing challenges to get their Independence. From the war to the infrastructure, many imperialist pride themselves on bringing civilization. But, they forget they left with way little when it comes to infrastructure. Most of the time the colonizers pride themselves on bringing in the roads and railways but they forget that these roads and railways were build by force. All the infrastructure that they brought in was to not help the people but to help themselves. African Countries were cash crops for these colonizers as the mineral that this land produced helped them make many valuable goods. The economy of the colonizers depended on the trade which was valuable to them.


Energy Dependency

As there was a lack in infrastructure it also meant that these African countries was dependent on western economics for their energy. Even the countries which could have produced oil did not have the basic refineries which could help turn this crude oil into gasoline. The dam also was not able to provide much needed electricity which put Ghana in heavy debt at the time.


Inexperienced Leadership

There were many presidents who were here to help ensure that peace was maintained. This was all for no effect as they lacked the experience required to run a civil independent country. Even after the independence the higher ranks were reserved for the whites. After independence, the people in the bureaucracy has little to no training.


Lack of National Identity

During the scramble of Africa there was no regards what so ever kept for the ethnic or social landscape of on the ground. This led to many people have lost the sense of self. There were many Ghanian policies which made it difficult to find their own land. This is one of the reason why the Belgian policies cause to the Rwanda genocide in the year 1994. Even after de-colonization the drawing of the African political map was chaotic. As the leaders that were formed were trying to forge a sense of nationality into themselves and the stakes were also kept high for the individual.


Cold War

After the de-colonization took place the powers of United States and the Union of Soviet Republics made a non alignment which made it difficult for these leaders to cave way and take sides. This cold war politics led to many people trying to sought out the challenges of the new government. This was another reason why it was difficult to contribute to the political stability of these African Nations.

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