PAIGC Regional Structures

PAIGC, being a national Party, has its structures in all Regions of the Country. They are organized at the Region, Sector, Section and Base levels, in accordance with the political-administrative structure of the State of Guinea-Bissau.

Guinea-Bissau is situated on the west coast of Africa, with a surface area of ​​36,125 km2 and about 1,300,000 inhabitants. It borders the north with the Republic of Senegal and the south and east with the Republic of Guinea-Conakry.

Guinea-Bissau is administratively divided into 8 Regions and 1 Autonomous Sector, which is Bissau – the Capital of the Country. The following map illustrates this division.

Each Region has its structures implemented by the Sectors, Sections and Tabancas or Villages that compose it. In the Autonomous Sector of Bissau, the structures corresponding to the Sectors are the Zones.

At the Region level, the leading structures of the Party are the Regional Conference, the Regional Political Commission and the Regional Secretariat.


According to the PAIGC Statutes, the Regional Conference is the highest deliberative body of the Party in the Region and is made up of delegates elected by the Sectoral Conferences and inherent delegates.

The Regional Conference meets ordinarily once a year and extraordinarily whenever convened by the Chairman, at the request of the Bureau, the Regional Political Commission or one third of its members.

The Regional Conference is chaired by a Bureau composed of a President, a Vice-President and three Secretaries elected by it.

The Regional Political Commission is the deliberative and top-level regional governing body responsible for the direction and coordination of Party activities in the Region.

The Regional Political Commission is composed of eleven members, elected by the Regional Conference, in a complete list, with President being the first name of the elected list.

The seat of the Regional Political Commission, with the right to speak, without the right to vote, shall be the PAIGC deputies elected by the constituencies of the Region, the members of the national organs resident in the Region and a representative of the mayors elected by Party lists in the Region and circle coordinators if they are not members of it

The Regional Secretariat is the executive organ of the Party in the region, under the direct dependency of the Regional Political Commission. It is composed of the Vice-President of the Regional Political Commission, appointed by the Permanent Secretary of the Central Committee and four other Secretaries, designated by the Regional Political Commission and confirmed by the Regional Conference.


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