PAIGC President

The PAIGC President may delegate part of his or her duties to any of the Party Vice Presidents.

In the performance of his duties, the Party President is assisted by four Vice-Presidents, elected by Congress, on his proposal.

The President of PAIGC is replaced, in his absence, absences, impediments and in case of suspension of mandate, by the Vice Presidents, in order of precedence.



In the event of loss of office, the 1st Vice-President shall hold the interim presidency of the Party until the next Congress.

The President of PAIGC is elected in Congress upon presentation of candidacy. Candidates for the post of President of PAIGC are considered the first subscribers of Strategy Motions to be presented to Congress.

The President has been the Party Leader since the IV PAIGC Congress in October 1986. From his founding to this Congress, the Party Leader was the Secretary General. Since its foundation in 1956, PAIGC has had 5 Leaders.


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